Fascial Rebalancing Level 1: A Weekend Workshop

Roma Norte, Mexico City: June 4 – 5, 2022

10 am – 6 pm

(In English with Spanish Translation)

Fascial Rebalancing is a system of soft tissue manipulation that unwinds whole-body tension patterns, restores the body’s inherent length and balance, and re-aligns the body with gravity. The practitioner uses their hands and elbows to work the connective tissues, using a slow pressure that is both deep and sensitive.

Class is limited to 18 students to register early to reserve your place.

How Does it Work?

Fascial Rebalancing offers a system that rebalances the entire body through a series of 10 unique sessions. The sessions are protocols used to work every area of the body, prescribing the tissues to be worked, the direction of the pressure to be applied, and an overall view of how to balance that given body area. These protocols are based on the Dr. Ida P. Rolf ten session Structural Integration recipe, and have been developed based on Craig Mollins’ 27 years as a practitioner of Structural Integration.

The Fascial Rebalancing protocols bring balance to the 8 fundamental dimensions of the body. These are: Front to Back; Left to Right; Top to Bottom, and Superficial to Deep. These 8 articulate a simple and organic logic of balance. For example if the front of the torso is short and compressed with respect to the back, that body will experience ongoing struggle just to maintain an upright posture. By contrast when these 8 are balanced, the body is more resilient and at ease.

Fascial Rebalancing Level 1 Description

Level One introduces the student to the Fascial Rebalancing methodology. Over the two days you’ll learn the following:

  • An experiential understanding of how the body is supported and shaped by gravity
  • A grounded, practical understanding of the body as inherently balanced and integrated
  • The first-session protocol of the Fascial Rebalancing methodology
  • How to apply deep, effective connective-tissue techniques to achieve lasting change
  • Masterful body mechanics 

Each day of the workshop includes the following modalities:

Lecture: The instructor explains the theory and practice of Fascial Rebalancing. There are several lecture segments each day.

Demonstration: The instructor demonstrates each protocol on a student model.

Student Exchange: Students form pairs and practice the protocols with each other.

Guidance from Instructor: During the student exchanges the instructor moves throughout the class offering detailed guidance to each student on how to perform and improve the techniques.

Discussion: Throughout the day there will be opportunities to discuss Fascial Rebalancing, including the theory, practice, student experience, and how to incorporate the method into professional application.

Mindfulness Exercises: During the two days there will be several sessions of mindfulness practice, designed specifically to help with the practice of manual therapy.

Fascial Rebalancing Five-Level Training

Each of the Fascial Rebalancing sessions brings more balance and resilience to different regions of the body, while at the same time each session balances the body as a whole. The 10 sessions are taught over a course of five weekend trainings.

Level 1

In addition to introducing the methodolody, Level 1 teaches the first session of the 10. The first session lengthens the front of the torso, re-establishes the natural capacity for breath, and begins to bring more balance to the relationships between the rib cage, the pelvis, and the legs.

Level 2

Level 2 offers a review of session 1, and instructs in sessions 2 and 3. Session 2 brings more balance to the legs and the back of the torso. Session 3 opens and balances the sides of the body.

Level 3

Level 3 instructs in sessions 4 and 5. Session 4 works the midline of the legs and brings balance to the bottom of the pelvis. Session 5 releases and balances the abdomen and front of the pelvis.

Level 4

Level 4 includes sessions 6 and 7. Session 6 rebalances the backs of the legs, the pelvis, and the back of the torso and spine. Session 7 focuses on the neck and head.

Level 5

Level 5 completes the ten sessions with sessions 8, 9, and 10. These three are an integration of the previous 7 session, and bring the entire body into a higher order of balance, strength, and ease.