Learn to rebalance the entire fascial system with the field of gravity.

“Such an amazing course! I feel like a folded piece of paper that has been opened, framed and completely balanced! I can’t wait to share this with everyone!!!”

-Ashley Rae Dales RMT – Victoria, BC

“Craig offers a methodically effective, practical, and concise approach to rebalancing the body with a teaching style that intentionally moves the class mindfully and with purpose through the sessions. I saw the results right away. This is a first rate course, I suggest you take it.”

-Kim Brandt RMT – Vancouver, BC

Our training integrates:

  • connective tissue re-education
  • whole body balancing with gravity
  • the principles of mindfulness and embodiment
  • excellence in body mechanics
  • a systematic approach you can use with all your clients
“Hi Craig. I just wanted to share with you; “The improvements that I gained from the Level 1 workshop in Windsor are still present. I was back in the gym with my personal trainer this morning and my range of motion has vastly improved. In most cases 30-40 degrees of improvement! I am so excited. I have been plateaued for a very long time and had given in to believing that I had gained back as much as my body would allow. I have been able to scale back on my chiropractic and laser therapy, with no adverse effects! I have a new found hope, thank you very much. Please keep doing what you are doing. I know this technique will come to help many. The team working with me on my rehab journey cannot believe the changes in my body. I look forward to learning more in the future.”

-Shannon Fields Brown RMT
Windsor, ON, Canada

“Craig’s teaching has helped me become a better therapist, not just in applying specific techniques, but in my overall approach. His solid foundation of mindfulness and respect help me to have a more profound and more effective connection to my self, my clients, and my work. He is a kind and creative teacher with a deep understanding of the body and its possibilities. My studies with Craig have been transformative.”

-Ellen Symons, RMT
Owner, Body Poets Massage Therapy
Ottawa ON, Canada